I have a Principle Investigator / Senior Research Fellow position (Associate Professor level) at Heriot-Watt University, where I am building a sub research group as the second PI within the Photonic Instrumentation group with Robert Thomson.


For a number of years I have been working as part of the EPSRC Proteus Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration, working with people from broad disciplines.

Full details available here:

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I am a physcist within this collaboration.

Application of my work to healthcare is often through the Translational Healthcare Technologies group at Edinburgh.

Details here:


Mike Tanner – (click for institutional profile)

M.G. Tanner
Principle Investigator / Senior Research Fellow (Associate Professor level, Heriot-Watt University)
Honorary Lecturer (University of Edinburgh)

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Lab members:

Dr Andrew Green – Postdoc (click title for profile)

Caitlin Tye – PhD (click title for profile)

Eunan (PhD student) – just finishing up, now starting a MedTech industry job in N. Ireland.

Hari (PostDoc – moved on, still at HWU,) Filip (Research technician – moved on)


Completed students:

Helen Parker

PhD completed, postdoc abroad, back to PhI, and now off to National Institute of Health (USA).


Katjana Ehrlich

PhD completed, continuing the work in a linked industry project. No back in the PhI group.

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