Photonics Europe 2018

We had a strong presence at Photics Europe this year with a trio of talks. Nice to network within the EU.


Multispectral fibre endoscope imaging system for enhanced visualisation of smartprobes (Conference Presentation)
Helen Parker; James M. Stone; Tom Speight; Robert R. Thomson; Kevin Dhaliwal; Nikola Krstajić; Michael G. Tanner


Time-resolved single photon spectroscopy through a single optical fibre for miniaturised medical probe design
K. Ehrlich; H. Fleming; S. McAughtrie; A. Kufcsák; N. Krstajić; C. J. Campbell; R. K. Henderson; K. Dhaliwal; R. R. Thomson; M. G. Tanner     – Including full paper.


Early arriving photon imaging for locating optical endomicroscopy fibres and medical devices (Conference Presentation)
Michael G. Tanner; Tushar R. Choudhary; Tom H. Craven; Bethany Mills; Mark Bradley; Robert K. Henderson; Kevin Dhaliwal; Robert R. Thomson

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