Time resolved fluorescence imaging through fibres….


This site wasn’t supposed to be just a list of outputs, sorry, got lazy……
But for now, really happy to get this work out. Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging down an optic fibre, at 1fps…. fully exploiting the parellisation of 1024 single photon detectors on one chip. I think it’s pretty cool (and makes the bacteria we’re trying to see jump out)).


There’s better to come in the future from current work in the Proteus IRC, but this work paved the way. Great work from Ettore on this system, with only a bit of interference from me.

The point of this work is it enables us to see another dimension of the fluorescence data, and therefore separate out signals from things like labelled bacteria which previously got too easily lost in the background from the tissue. We also hope to see more variations in the tissue itself, like cancer diagnosis and more. But for now, this is all about the tech:-


Ettore Pedretti, Michael G. Tanner, Tushar R. Choudhary, Nikola Krstajić, Alicia Megia-Fernandez, Robert K. Henderson, Mark Bradley, Robert R. Thomson, John M. Girkin, Kevin Dhaliwal, and Paul A. Dalgarno,
“High-speed dual color fluorescence lifetime endomicroscopy for highly-multiplexed pulmonary diagnostic applications and detection of labeled bacteria,”
Biomed. Opt. Express 10, 181-195 (2019)



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